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140% Scheduling Department Efficiency | 35+ New Hires Facilitated in Biannual Hiring Seasons Per Week

The Client

Trinity Event Staffing is an agency specializing in providing party and event staffing throughout Texas. Their comprehensive services can cover all aspects of an event, including wait staff, kitchen staff, security, bartending, and more. With operation in DFW, Austin, and Houston, Trinity aims to provide the best possible people and service for Texas events.

The Challenge

With a large pool of external staff and events for them to fill, Trinity Event Staffing needed a unified system to successfully manage scheduled events and communicate with available staff. Instead of disparate systems and reaching out to staff by email, Trinity looked for a solution to better consolidate all aspects of their business process in a digitally efficient manner.

The Solution

After the discovery process, Rosetree Solutions began work on developing custom features to make the Salesforce platform an end-to-end system specifically tuned to Trinity Event Staffing’s needs. A lead form on Trinity’s website was implemented to capture potential new leads into Salesforce. Rosetree also developed a clients facing sites page where Trinity’s clients see an overview of the events they’ve requested, assigned staff, and the ability to rate their staff after the event. Custom visual email templates for both the clients and staff pull information from associated events and assignments, plus an application sites pages feeds potential subcontractor data into the system, including uploaded files and profile pictures.

Rosetree also set up a Google Maps API integration, providing Trinity the ability to bill clients accurately for staff travel mileage information, which in turn connects with a custom invoice process in another integration with a third-party tool. Reporting functionality is utilized by Trinity’s own management as well as a third-party company making calls for staff working morning events.

The Results

Trinity’s end-to-end system encompasses applications, staff assignment availability, client bookings and ratings, and the internal team’s management of documents, images, sales, and billing. With enhanced functionality for nearly all business tasks, Trinity event Staffing now schedules their crew more efficiently with instant data updates. These data developments in turn digitally facilitate more informed decisions and eliminate inefficiencies. Now that the core corporate office in Dallas has a strong toolset for growth, Trinity is set up to expand their services through more metropolitan areas.

"We are able to schedule with more efficiency and updates are made instantly. No more emails to staff!"
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Trinity Event Staffing

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