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Develop apps beyond the CRM. The Salesforce platform is the ideal framework to create internal and external digital apps available on any device. From customer service, mapping, Internet of Things (IoT) integration and beyond.

Here are some examples of what we can build using the Salesforce platform:


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Take advantage of every sales opportunity. Grow and refine your pipeline by tracking each interaction prospects and customers have with your brand.
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Build on your existing relationships. Make your service team a revenue-generating powerhouse while exceeding customer expectations.
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Identify and respond to sales opportunities lightning-fast. Move from lead to sale using automation and analytics.
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Create meaningful connections with intelligent lead nurturing. Accelerate your pipeline and drive sales with B2B marketing automation.
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Close complex deals quickly by automating operations. Build deals with permission rules and discounts applied automatically.
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Give your team an edge, with productivity and collaboration tools available in the office and on the go.
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Provide your customers the best possible experience across all platforms. Drive your business with actionable insights.
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Share content and discuss your products and services easier than ever. Use data to build personalized customer experiences.
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Give your mobile workforce all the info they need out in the field. Create work orders and service appointments anywhere, any time.
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Track your customers’ orders, support history, and more – all in one place. Your team never comes in cold.
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More than a CRM, Salesforce’s native data tools provide the foundation to create a full enterprise resource and business management tool.

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Use your org’s data to plan, schedule, track, and evaluate your current and future projects – all from within Salesforce.

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Automate your recruiting and hiring efforts. Create a simple app or build a full applicant tracking system.

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Make your critical data easy to visualize. Build your Salesforce org into a beautifully functional, engaging digital experience.


Ensure your assets and resources are available when you sell them. View availability directly from CPQ to streamline your sales and quoting motions.

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Have accurate and comprehensive pricing information for any product or service offered, with relevant discounting already applied.