About Us

Our History

Rosetree Solutions was created by two brothers, David and Craig Rosenbaum. Our focus is to assist organizations with growth, system development, website design, technology, and any other area that is essential to the success of a business.

As App Innovation Partners, Rosetree Solutions began creating industry-specific solutions on the Salesforce platform. Consulting services shortly followed, and Rosetree now offers end-to-end solutions for clients from initial implementation, to ongoing consulting, and custom development. Customer success is our primary focus, providing solutions you can count on.

Rosetree Solutions works with clients to develop a long-term technology strategy with solutions they can count on.

  • Craig Rosenbaum
    Craig Rosenbaum Managing Partner- Delivery

    Craig is a graduate from the University of Texas at Austin with a degree in Accounting and Information Systems. He combines his unique perspective of finance and technology to understand, identify, and solve issues across the entire business. Craig is a Skuid and Salesforce expert, ensuring our solutions meet technical requirements and exceed expectations.

  • David Rosenbaum
    David Rosenbaum Managing Partner- Client Success

    David is a graduate from the University of North Texas. He works with clients of all sizes to consult, implement, and develop custom Salesforce solutions for their organizations. Customer Success is his primary focus, responsibility, and true passion. David enjoys helping clients solve and prevent problems, increase sales, help their customers, run their businesses better, streamline processes, and more.

  • Nosa Osai
    Nosa Osai Salesforce Consultant

    Nosa works with clients as a Salesforce consultant and Skuid developer. He is based in Chicago and received his MBA from the Illinois Institute of Technology. Nosa has a diverse career in implementing custom Salesforce and Skuid solutions for a variety of public and private clients, including Chicago Public Schools, the third largest school district in the United States.

  • Dean Rose
    Dean Rose Senior Consultant

    Dean is a graduate of the University of North Texas with a degree in Human Resource Management.  He’s held multiple roles from program/project management to account and engagement management with Bank of America, NICE Systems, Autonomy, Lucent Technologies, and Octel over the past 20+ years . His Salesforce career began by serving the non-profit vertical and SMB / mid-market base.  Dean is a Certified Salesforce Administrator, Sales Cloud Consultant, and Community Cloud Consultant and also co-leads the Salesforce Dallas Non-Profit User Group.

  • Megan Leary
    Megan Leary Senior Consultant

    Megan is a lifelong Hoosier and graduated from Indiana University. She works with clients as a Salesforce Consultant and a PMI-certified Project Manager. Going on a decade of experience, she is able to design and implement custom Salesforce solutions to improve efficiency of operational processes, including Salesforce CPQ.  Megan also specializes in training and increasing end user adoption.

  • Tim Wilson
    Tim Wilson Senior Consultant

    Tim is a graduate of Tennessee Technological University with a degree in Business Administration; he also holds an MBA which he received from Bryan College. Tim is a Software Developer and Salesforce Consultant who assists clients with custom as well as declarative Salesforce and Skuid solutions. He currently holds eleven Salesforce certifications including Certified Application Architect. Tim is based in Chattanooga, Tennessee.

  • Eric Olson
    Eric Olson Salesforce Development Architect

    Eric is a graduate from Western Michigan University with a degree in Industrial Engineering as well as a USAF combat veteran. He began his Salesforce journey as an APEX developer on the client side of several consulting engagements. He utilizes that experience to deliver scalable custom code and integration solutions to last long after the initial project ends.

  • Conlan O’Rourke
    Conlan O’Rourke Salesforce Consultant

    Conlan is a graduate of Univ. of Colorado, Boulder with two degrees, BS in Business Administration, BA in Spanish, and minor in Italian. As a Salesforce and Skuid consultant, he has worked on a wide variety of implementation and development projects, assisting clients to leverage Sales Cloud, Service Cloud, Field Service Lightning, Community Cloud, and Non-Profit Cloud. As a Skuid expert, Conlan has developed and implemented multiple custom applications, enabling his clients to save millions of dollars in development costs using Skuid’s low-code development environment. Conlan has worked in 5 countries, speaks 3 languages, and currently lives in Brooklyn, NY.

  • Samantha Bragg
    Samantha Bragg Salesforce Consultant

    Sam is a graduate of DeVry University with a degree in Business Administration. She also holds an MBA from Keller Graduate School of Management. Based in Houston, Texas, Sam started her Salesforce journey as a user then a system administrator before transitioning to consulting. As a Salesforce consultant Sam has helped clients implement Sales Cloud, Service Cloud, and Pardot. Sam has 11 Salesforce certifications, including Certified Application Architect.

  • Tom Palaia
    Tom Palaia Solution Engineer

    Tom is a graduate of Temple University receiving a Bachelor of Business Administration degree earning two majors in Finance and Economics. He has spent the majority of his career leading Sales Operations for small to mid tier organizations. As a Salesforce Consultant, he has implemented Salesforce solutions for a diverse group of clients across several industries driving organizational wide efficiencies that have fostered continual growth.

  • Chandra Verrett
    Chandra Verrett Salesforce Consultant

    Chandra is a graduate of Clemson University with a degree in Electrical Engineering. Based in Upstate South Carolina, Chandra held Commercial and Operational leadership positions in a manufacturing organization before focusing on digital transformation and customer experience utilizing the Salesforce ecosystem as an enabler. She is an experienced Salesforce and Skuid designer, implementer and project manager and currently serves as a Skuid Community Champion.

  • James Heckman
    James Heckman Director- Solution Engineering
    James comes to Rosetree with a 20-year career in business, focusing on sales, marketing, and operations. As a marketing consultant, James worked with a wide variety of businesses ranging from technology, legal and services firms to manufacturers, e-commerce and non-profits. Most recently, he came from a Fort Worth-based software firm where his team led the transition to a Salesforce-based ecosystem including Sales Cloud, Service Cloud, FinancialForce PSA, Pardot and CPQ.  James earned an MBA from the University of Chicago in 2006. He currently lives in Fort Worth with his wife, four children and one dog.
  • Casey Long
    Casey Long Project Manager

    Casey is a graduate of the University of South Carolina and a former Marine Officer. Based in Charleston, South Carolina, Casey has managed technology projects across a wide range of disciplines, from network operations, to eCommerce site implementations, to multi-cloud Salesforce builds. Working with clients and consultants to ensure timely and effective delivery of projects is his focus. Casey enjoys creative problems solving and removing roadblocks for project stakeholders to ensure that projects have the highest possible likelihood of success.

  • Pat Vachon
    Pat Vachon Salesforce/Skuid Consultant

    Pat is an IT professional with more than 20 years of experience. He is a master Salesforce and Skuid architect, a Skuid champion, and has a strong entrepreneurial background combined with a diploma from Algonquin College focused in IT Management. He has held positions including Document Imaging Technician, Network Administrator, Technical Director, Operations Manager, and  Director of IT, in addition to previously running his own consultancy. Throughout his career, Pat has played key roles in implementing Standard Operating Procedures and ensuring new technology aligned to support business processes.

  • Barry Janicula
    Barry Janicula Technical Recruiter

    Barry is a graduate of Elon University and the University of Houston. Before joining Rosetree, he worked in education for more than 12 years. Barry currently lives in the Dallas area with his wife, Sara, and son, James.

  • George Dummar
    George Dummar Solution Architect

    George is a graduate of Quinnipiac University with a degree in Business Management. He also holds an MBA in Business Intelligence from the University of New Haven. George has been an enterprise-level Salesforce consultant across a variety of industries. He enjoys problem-solving, fostering growth, and driving ROI for clients. George currently has 15 Salesforce certifications, including Application Architect.

  • Bryan Smith
    Bryan Smith Salesforce Consultant

    Bryan is a graduate of Texas A&M University with a degree in Mechanical Engineering and also holds a graduate degree in Philosophy from Houston Baptist University. Prior to entering the Salesforce ecosystem, Bryan spent a decade working in various engineering and management level positions in the oil industry in Houston, TX. As a Salesforce Consultant, Bryan has helped organizations implement Sales Cloud, Service Cloud, Field Service Lightning, and Nonprofit Cloud. He currently holds five Salesforce certifications, is a four-time Trailhead Ranger, and resides in McKinney, TX.

  • Jada Gonzales
    Jada Gonzales

    Jada graduated from Arizona State University with her Bachelor’s Degree and then went on to graduate from the Full Stack Web Development Coding Program at Southern Methodist University. Jada first entered the Salesforce Ecosystem as a user before being promoted to a cross functional Salesforce Adoption Manager for a Marketing Firm on Oahu, Hawaii. Before she came to Rosetree, Jada was the Project Manager for a Salesforce Lightning Implementation on Service Cloud with a software company. She is well versed with user adoption, training, and driving efficiency on the platform. Jada is passionate about helping her clients be proficient in Salesforce to better streamline business processes and create engaging customer relationships.