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Our History

Rosetree Solutions was created by two brothers, David and Craig Rosenbaum. Our focus is to assist organizations with growth, system development, website design, technology, and any other area that is essential to the success of a business.

As App Innovation Partners, Rosetree Solutions began creating industry-specific solutions on the Salesforce platform. Consulting services shortly followed, and Rosetree now offers end-to-end solutions for clients from initial implementation, to ongoing consulting, and custom development. Customer success is our primary focus, providing solutions you can count on.

Rosetree Solutions works with clients to develop a long-term technology strategy with solutions they can count on.

  • Craig Rosenbaum
    Craig Rosenbaum Managing Partner- Delivery

    Craig is a graduate from the University of Texas at Austin with a degree in Accounting and minor in Management Information Systems. He combines his unique training in finance and technology to identify and solve issues across the entire supply chain. Craig previously worked for Ernst & Young in both their IT Assurance and Performance Improvement divisions. Craig leads the development team and architects solutions for our clients.

  • David Rosenbaum
    David Rosenbaum Managing Partner- Client Success

    David is a graduate from the University of North Texas. He works with clients of all sizes to consult, implement, and develop custom Salesforce solutions for their organizations. Customer Success is his primary focus, responsibility, and true passion. David enjoys helping clients solve and prevent problems, increase sales, help their customers, run their businesses better, streamline processes, and more.

  • Chris Davidson
    Chris Davidson Salesforce Consultant

    Chris is a Web Developer, Salesforce, Web Marketing/Email Automation, and UI/UX Consultant with a deep history in implementing Web Based solutions for small to large organizations. He specializes in creating simple solutions to the complex problems that many organizations face everyday.

  • Nosa Osai
    Nosa Osai Salesforce Consultant

    Nosa works with clients as a Salesforce consultant and Skuid developer. He is based in Chicago and received his MBA from the Illinois Institute of Technology. Nosa has a diverse career in implementing custom Salesforce and Skuid solutions for a variety of public and private clients, including Chicago Public Schools, the third largest school district in the United States.

  • Sahir Ali
    Sahir Ali Technical Architect

    Sahir has over 9 years of Salesforce.com experience as a Senior Consultant and Technical Architect. By designing and introducing creative solutions, he works with organizations to ensure long-term success utilizing Salesforce.com. Sahir holds a Ph.D from Case Western Reserve University in Biomedical Engineering and  BSc. and MSc. from Rutgers University in Electrical Engineering.

  • Kamel Anderson
    Kamel Anderson Salesforce Consultant

    Kamel is an experienced software developer, based in Brooklyn, NY, and works with clients as a Salesforce Consultant and Skuid Developer. He brings a wide range of experience, including work with non profits utilizing Salesforce as their platform of choice, as well as development on Verizon Wireless’ mission-critical customer service application, serving over 100 million customer accounts.


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