If you want Salesforce implementation or development, you need to be aware of the costs associated with the process.

This includes the price required for the appropriate Salesforce licenses, licenses for apps and integration, hours of consultant labor, and the work of your own team to get everything up and running. There is no one-size-fits-all pricing for a salesforce project, and as a business you will need to make decisions about what features you need the most, when you need them buy, and how much money you are willing to spend to ensure the quality of the results.

Different consultants will quote you different prices for the services you request, so how do you navigate what quote is the best value? 

Often, the hourly rate for any given consultant or developer will be based on their experience with Salesforce.  Depending on how complex or crucial your project is to your organization, it may be smart to utilize more experienced consultants.  Partner reviews in the Salesforce AppExchange can give you insight into performance, or check out case studies to see if the consultant has worked in similar industries or on use-cases.  Take the time to ask about the details of the statement of work, including what additional services, like ongoing support, may be included.  Additional Salesforce and/or app licenses may also be necessary to achieve your vision.

Implementing Salesforce for your organization or customizing it to conform to your business process will take work from the inside as well, a cost that could be easily overlooked. 

We recommend making sure your team has an executive sponsor and project manager who can work the consultants and, and in turn assist in disseminating information and helping to train your end-users on the platform.

Here at Rosetree Solutions we’re always happy to talk about a new Salesforce project.  We provide Implementation, Consulting, and Development services so that we can help you achieve your organizational goals and objectives. Our consultants have deep technical experience across multiple industries and specialize in custom application development that can exactly meet your business needs. Feel free to reach out and we can put together a plan to best help your company.

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