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Interior of a vastly large factory

Digital Transformation in Manufacturing: Getting Started

Historically manufacturers have had a product based focus: quality, innovation, and value, and have built operational models and digital capabilities to excel in these foundations. As the digital age of the fourth industrial revolution has come about, every business now finds themselves needing to evolve to meet and ultimately exceed the modern buyer’s expected experience.

With the consumer-based selling model lifting expectations of a digital and connected experience, manufacturers have the opportunity for their product to be only the beginning of an ongoing relationship with their customer. Digital transformation not only enables market share growth, but reduces risk of revenue attrition.

Digital transformation extends beyond technology; it also requires a business to undergo fundamental changes in the way they operate and design their business process.

Pillars of Success

Digitally transforming a business is an evolutionary process unique to the objectives and strategy within an organization. By breaking objectives into pillars that positively impact the customer’s journey, organizations can develop a road-map aligned with their own strategic goals.

Connected Sales

Provide your organization with a 360-degree view Account activity. Create personalized content journeys, track sales activity and improve deal closure rates and forecast visibility.

  • 360-Degree Customer View
  • Marketing Automation
  • Configure, Price and Quote Solutions
  • Opportunity and Sales Activity Management
  • Forecasting

Connected Support

Resolve product issues and provide proactive support while minimizing downtime.

  • Issue and Support Tracking
  • Technical and Product Knowledge
  • Self-Service Portals
  • Field Service Management
  • Multi-Channel Engagement (Omni-Channel)

Partner and Distributor Programs

Extend your organization’s sales reach by empowering Channel Partners, Re-sellers and Manufacturer’s Reps.

  • On-Boarding, Certification and Training
  • Partner Portals
  • Marketing Initiatives
  • Lead hand-off and Activity Tracking and Deal Registration

Connected Operations

Align Sales and operations with preexisting domain expertise and improved data visibility.

  • Cross-functional Collaboration
  • Platform Consolidation and Data Integration
  • Custom Applications
  • Reports and Dashboards

Digital transformation in an ongoing shift in both technology and culture. Establishing and enabling your team to work towards goals while using technology as an enabler will position manufacturing organizations for ongoing growth and success.

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