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Fireworks exploding in the sky

Case Study: Alamo Fireworks

Property leasing, notes, and outside work management for a seasonal retailer

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Founded in San Antonio in 1962, Alamo Fireworks has expanded to over 200 locations and 30 megastores throughout Texas as the region’s premiere Fireworks retailer. Alamo Fireworks sells consumer grade fireworks for use on Fourth of July and New Year’s Eve.

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Most of Alamo’s Fireworks stands only operate two weeks out of the year, the days leading up to the Fourth of July and New Year’s Eve, due to Texas law regulating fireworks sales to these windows of operations. Due to this unique situation, Alamo often doesn’t own the land their stands are built on or employ full time staff to operate the sales. This structure means managing leases and property rights is a large component of off-season work, and Alamo Fireworks needed a central system to manage this information and always be able to ensure that property rights management is in order for the next sales season.


Rosetree Solutions provided Alamo Fireworks with a Salesforce implementation custom tailored to fit the unique use cases of their business processes. This included visualizations of leased land, including expiration dates and renewal reminders. The Salesforce implementation was also set up to better track ROI, including product and season-based breakdowns of performance and costs. The implementation also included a section for logging outside work and costs/returns related to that.


Salesforce has provided a great framework for Alamo Fireworks to continue its growth trajectory. Having a unified platform for notes, lease management, and outside work helps keep day-to-day activities more organized, and analytics about costs and ROI give the company more transparency about what practices are working and what needs re-evaluation.