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Screenshot of the Pardot-Salesforce Sync: Overview screen

3 Keys to Pardot Adoption

One universal truth of business systems is that simply providing a tool does not ensure it gets used. Marketing automation with Pardot is no exception.

No matter how perfectly matched you are with Pardot or how well it was implemented, sometimes 4, 6, or 12 months later you just aren’t utilizing Pardot to the fullest. Problems may be time or resource related. Sometimes they relate to a lack of clear direction in marketing strategy. In fact, when adding automation to marketing, there’s greater need to define your strategy upfront.

Here are three keys to great adoption:

The Content Conundrum

Many marketing teams struggle to find time to create a cohesive content plan. The best content plans are strategic, attainable, and drive accountability. Start with the big picture – your vision of what you want your marketing efforts to achieve. With that in place, it becomes much easier to slot in a content release schedule to support your vision. A plan with deadlines and specific KPI goals fuels the use of marketing automation.

Marketing That Sales Teams Get Excited About

Marketing doesn’t live in a bubble, and there is no closer partner than the sales team. Effectively aligning with the sales team turns Pardot, and the marketing team, into a sales enablement platform intertwined with all parts of the sales process. After all, when you are collecting customer data from both marketing and sales efforts, you are getting a more accurate look at their behaviors and drivers.

Show Me The Money

Marketing teams need to sell their organization’s product or service, but almost as importantly they need to sell marketing to their organization. With properly developed Connected Campaigns, Salesforce and Pardot provide end-to-end ROI reporting to show how marketing efforts influenced every deal closed.

Looking for more direction? Let’s discuss if a 1-hour Strategic Marketing Workshop would be the best next step. Would you like to better utilize Pardot to increase your marketing automation ROI in tangible and measurable ways? Our strategic marketing services can be your partner to greater adoption and ultimately greater returns.