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VP of Operations
Westfield, IN

“We’re bringing a new level of visibility to everything we’re working on.”

What initially led you to Salesforce?

Storage Solutions had recently adapted a culture of continuous improvement. I took on a project identified in our strategic plan called Tools for the Job. Looking at our current technology and possible options, we landed on implementing a CRM. Salesforce was one of three CRMs we vetted. We ultimately went with Salesforce because it has a solid CRM foundation while providing a canvas to modify and build off of – and eventually create one true central database for all of our business functions.

As you led this initiative, how helpful was having an implementation partner?

It was huge. I was the Storage Solutions expert creating the vision for what we needed, but I needed an expert in Salesforce. That’s where Rosetree was a great partner. We worked together to make sure they understood the “why”, so they could figure out the “how”.

Describe your experience with Rosetree Solutions.

It’s been very good – exactly what you want from a partnership. We have an open dialog and aren’t afraid to challenge each other, brainstorm, and figure out how to make good ideas even better.

How has using Salesforce impacted your career?

It has given me more responsibility, but I’ve enjoyed the challenge. It has been great as an ops guy to talk with people, see where their problems are, and then actually be able to create solutions. With all of these initiatives in Salesforce, our team has really bought into it. Everyone can see the ROI. That’s given me the confidence to keep going and find more use cases for Salesforce in our company.

How has your department or organization changed since starting with Salesforce?

We’ve focused most of our efforts so far on sales and how we get proposals to customers. But now we’re also getting into project management to track everyone’s workload. We’re bringing a new level of visibility to everything we’re working on.

How does Salesforce support your digital transformation goals and objectives?

For us, it’s all about combining processes wherever it makes sense. Rather than try to connect separate systems and processes, Salesforce allows us to bring everything together to reduce redundancies and increase visibility.

What message do you have for other business leaders who are considering starting with Salesforce?

Just do it. You don’t have to be great to start, you have to start to be great. Even though I spent a great deal of time researching various technology and CRMs before going with Salesforce, I still had no idea if it was going to work. You have to just believe in yourself and get started. Make sure you choose a good partner like Rosetree to help you connect where you are now to the vision you have for the future. You’ll come up with the plan as you go. Don’t wait until you have it all figured out. Just get going and don’t be afraid to meet challenges along the way.

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NATHAN STOREY is an experienced VP of Operations in the warehousing industry. He holds Bachelors in Economics and Business from Wabash College.

STORAGE SOLUTIONS is the nation’s leading provider of industrial storage and material handling equipment.