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Project Manager
Plantsville, CT

Mike is a PMP certified Project Manager with over 7 years of experience working with the Salesforce platform. Mike leads project teams through engagements and works to ensure the project scope, schedule, and budget are managed over the course of an engagement.
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How did you get started with Salesforce?

I started my career working in Accounting and Finance and a company I was working for was planning to implement Salesforce. I got chosen to help work on the project, immediately fell in love with how easy it is to build solutions on the platform, and a whole new career path was born.

What’s your favorite thing about building solutions with Salesforce?

My favorite thing is how a project turns a vision into a working solution that simplifies work for a company. It’s always exciting to reach the end of a project when all the parts come together and to hear the excitement when clients say how easy Salesforce is to use.

What energizes you at work?

Problem solving with my project teams. There are many ways to do something in Salesforce, and hearing different perspectives on how to approach a problem is always exciting as I often learn new things in the process.

Name a work achievement you’re proud of.

I’m proud of all of the implementations my teams have delivered in my time at Rosetree. I’m thankful to work with brilliant people here who have tons of experience working with the platform; I know that at Rosetree we bring our A game to every project.
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Who or what inspires you?
I’m inspired by learning new things. There are so many opportunities to learn everyday, and there are many things that I do not know anything about or can learn more about to improve myself.
What’s one thing you’re learning now? (professional or personal)
As a relatively new homeowner, I love learning how to do things around the house. I recently learned how to set up a drip irrigation system to keep my new plants and trees watered.

What three words would your friends use to describe you?

Driven, Thoughtful, Organized


What’s something you love about the place you live?
I love getting to experience four different seasons, as each one is special in their own way. I’m also thankful to be living so close to my family and that I’m a short drive to the pizza capital of the US, New Haven. (Don’t let those New Yorkers or Chicagoans tell you otherwise!)
What could we find you doing outside of work?
I’m likely on a hike or planning my next hiking adventure, running, skiing, or cooking.
What trend do you hope makes a comeback?
Drive-in movie theaters. We have one in town, and it is always so much more fun than going to an actual theater.

What’s your go-to karaoke song?

I have to pick 2: You Can Call Me Al by Paul Simon and Mr. Brightside by The Killers.

Mike is great example of what makes the Rosetree team so special.
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