3 Tips for Salesforce Go-Live

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Looking to have a successful Salesforce platform launch? These Salesforce implementation tips are sure to get you and your team up to speed.


Structure is not optional for a Salesforce implementation. While Salesforce’s tools, visualizations, and automations do a lot on their own, a team of people who know how to properly tweak and control its features are the only ones who can properly guide the program.

Your company’s IT department or dedicated Salesforce administrator can control permission sets for different employees, ensuring no one can cause problems in non-relevant aspects of the instance. With proper administration, Salesforce can be a boon at every level of the organization, allowing every employee access to exactly the resources they need.


Encouraging adoption of Salesforce can be difficult, especially when your team has more pressing tasks than learning a new system. Gamification, the design strategy of making a process like a game with engaging experiences, competition, and rewards, provides an excellent motivator and prevents implementation from becoming a slog.

Send your team over to Trailhead, Salesforce’s learning platform, or read our article on implementing game design elements to learn more.


Businesses change and develop over time, so should the tools at your disposal. While we definitely do recommend taking a phased approach instead of shooting for the moon right off the bat, the Salesforce platform can continuously be tweaked and developed to compensate for the organizational growth it facilitates.

Stay curious and always think about features or optimizations that can help your business and whether it might be worth implementing them at the current point in your growth. Feel free to reach out to us about managed services offerings for details on creating an ongoing partnership with Salesforce experts for successful administration and expansion.

Rosetree Solutions is a Salesforce implementation partner focused on your success. Ready to get started?

Gamifying Your Salesforce Implementation

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It’s not an uncommon problem: your team’s new tools and better analytics are collecting dust in favor of outdated methods – but preference for the tried and true is understandable.  Learning new systems and how to best utilize them requires an additional level of work, easily pushed to the back-burner in favor of more pressing tasks such as calling leads and closing sales.

However, as you know, adoption of Salesforce or related technologies is supposed to increase these metrics in the long term. Game-design elements provide an effective technique to quickly access these improvements and provide motivation for your team, commonly referred to as gamification.

Board games, card games, video games, etc. often require repetitive processes and learning new rule sets, yet people love to learn and play them for extended periods of time. The general idea is to apply similar elements and processes to implementing Salesforce, in turn making adoption an engaging experience.

The two central elements in this process are quantified rewards and making the given process fun. Gamified reward structures go back years to concepts such as sales competitions with monetary rewards, but additional aspects can be included in an age of digital transformation.  With access to thorough metrics in Salesforce, digital and physical rewards and competitions can be tied to a large variety of performance indicators, facilitating a balance of performance and productivity.

Establishing rewards alone, however, may not bring the desired results.  The other element of gamification requires making the learning process an engaging process and bringing out the element of fun in gameplay. Salesforce’s Trailhead learning modules are a great example of this: Through a well-designed intuitive user-interface, learners are guided through their journey with interactive elements, quizzes, and a point/leveling system.

Rosetree Solutions can help you with the technical aspects of your Salesforce Implementation, as well as the technical aspects of gamifying it. With our experience custom-tailoring and developing custom applications for the Salesforce platform, we can craft a solution not only for your business process but one to help your team deploy the powerful technologies at their fingertips and start earning ROI.

Case Study: Event Staffing

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Trinity Event Staffing efficiently organizes and staffs events with customized end-to-end solution.

Trinity Event Staffing logo

140% Scheduling Department Efficiency | 35+ New Hires Facilitated in Biannual Hiring Seasons Per Week

The Client

Trinity Event Staffing is an agency specializing in providing party and event staffing throughout Texas. Their comprehensive services can cover all aspects of an event, including wait staff, kitchen staff, security, bartending, and more. With operation in DFW, Austin, and Houston, Trinity aims to provide the best possible people and service for Texas events.

The Challenge

With a large pool of external staff and events for them to fill, Trinity Event Staffing needed a unified system to successfully manage scheduled events and communicate with available staff. Instead of disparate systems and reaching out to staff by email, Trinity looked for a solution to better consolidate all aspects of their business process in a digitally efficient manner.

The Solution

After the discovery process, Rosetree Solutions began work on developing custom features to make the Salesforce platform an end-to-end system specifically tuned to Trinity Event Staffing’s needs. A lead form on Trinity’s website was implemented to capture potential new leads into Salesforce. Rosetree also developed a clients facing sites page where Trinity’s clients see an overview of the events they’ve requested, assigned staff, and the ability to rate their staff after the event. Custom visual email templates for both the clients and staff pull information from associated events and assignments, plus an application sites pages feeds potential subcontractor data into the system, including uploaded files and profile pictures.

Rosetree also set up a Google Maps API integration, providing Trinity the ability to bill clients accurately for staff travel mileage information, which in turn connects with a custom invoice process in another integration with a third-party tool. Reporting functionality is utilized by Trinity’s own management as well as a third-party company making calls for staff working morning events.

The Results

Trinity’s end-to-end system encompasses applications, staff assignment availability, client bookings and ratings, and the internal team’s management of documents, images, sales, and billing. With enhanced functionality for nearly all business tasks, Trinity event Staffing now schedules their crew more efficiently with instant data updates. These data developments in turn digitally facilitate more informed decisions and eliminate inefficiencies. Now that the core corporate office in Dallas has a strong toolset for growth, Trinity is set up to expand their services through more metropolitan areas.

"We are able to schedule with more efficiency and updates are made instantly. No more emails to staff!"
Trinity Event Staffing logo column brand mark
Kristen Atkinson
Trinity Event Staffing

Budgeting for a Salesforce Project

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If you want Salesforce implementation or development, you need to be aware of the costs associated with the process.

This includes the price required for the appropriate Salesforce licenses, licenses for apps and integration, hours of consultant labor, and the work of your own team to get everything up and running. There is no one-size-fits-all pricing for a salesforce project, and as a business you will need to make decisions about what features you need the most, when you need them buy, and how much money you are willing to spend to ensure the quality of the results.

Different consultants will quote you different prices for the services you request, so how do you navigate what quote is the best value? 

Often, the hourly rate for any given consultant or developer will be based on their experience with Salesforce.  Depending on how complex or crucial your project is to your organization, it may be smart to utilize more experienced consultants.  Partner reviews in the Salesforce AppExchange can give you insight into performance, or check out case studies to see if the consultant has worked in similar industries or on use-cases.  Take the time to ask about the details of the statement of work, including what additional services, like ongoing support, may be included.  Additional Salesforce and/or app licenses may also be necessary to achieve your vision.

Implementing Salesforce for your organization or customizing it to conform to your business process will take work from the inside as well, a cost that could be easily overlooked. 

We recommend making sure your team has an executive sponsor and project manager who can work the consultants and, and in turn assist in disseminating information and helping to train your end-users on the platform.

Here at Rosetree Solutions we’re always happy to talk about a new Salesforce project.  We provide Implementation, Consulting, and Development services so that we can help you achieve your organizational goals and objectives. Our consultants have deep technical experience across multiple industries and specialize in custom application development that can exactly meet your business needs. Feel free to reach out and we can put together a plan to best help your company.

Establishing a 360 View of the Customer

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A common question in modern digital business development is how much data is necessary to understand the desires of any given client. You should strive for a 360° view of your customers, but what data does that entail? The answer to this question is layered and may vary depending on your business, but one point is clear: any modern digital consumer interaction is another data point to record. Any sales, login attempts, support chats, et cetera can easily be logged within modern CRM systems, like Salesforce, if implemented property.

Data and data collection processes need to be properly set up so your business can engage with it and in turn the customers behind it. All customer facing teams should be enabled to capture, analyze, and respond to the data they collect. Proper Salesforce implementation and diligence in data collection can easily facilitate this process, providing your company’s representatives with dashboards and thorough historical records of customer interactions.

If there is ever communication between the customer and a representative, the representative should have immediate and comprehensive insight into what the customer wants, as well as a historical context to rationalize different decisions. Having this data means providing better, faster, and more accurate customer service.

Beyond just providing a higher level of service, 360° data about your customer can help you customize marketing outreach. Utilize tools like Marketing Cloud to send personalized emails and SMS based on the data collected, including product suggestions tailored to the customer’s search and shopping history.

If you need to ensure you have a system in place to organize and collect the data you need for a 360° view of your customers, contact Rosetree Solutions. We specialize in Salesforce implementations and custom development to meet unique business processes, and we can help you create exactly the customer overview and dashboards your sales and customer service representatives need using Salesforce services like Sales Cloud, Service Cloud, and Marketing Cloud.

The Salesforce Advantage

We provide our client services through one platform: Salesforce.

That may seem limited, but we focus on Salesforce because we believe the platform it offers is the best.

At the core of what Salesforce offers is trust in its Clouds. Salesforce has provided a reliable and secure web-based service for years now. If your goal is to keep client information secure and functionally accessible through any sort of web-connected device, you should visit trust.salesforce.com to see why we believe in it so much.

In addition to trust and accessibility, Salesforce provides an incredibly powerful and scalable metadata platform. While the traditional process of upgrading legacy enterprise CRM and ERP systems are a logistical nightmare, Salesforce seamlessly provides three releases per year to all customers through the cloud with no manual upgrades or versions to maintain.

Speaking of other features, Salesforce provides an Open API so that your data can be connected to any other systems you need to utilize. While the platform itself is more than capable for most business needs, we understand there will be proprietary or other mandated data systems for parts of your business process. Salesforce’s APIs provide secure connection tools to hook up any outside source, for easily accessible, synced, and secure insights.

Our specialty is tied to one of our favorite features of Salesforce: a flourishing open ecosystem of applications and partners. Even if the functionality you need is not included out-of-the box, Salesforce is sure to connect you with people like us who can help you customize the platform to exactly meet your needs. With the world’s most secure, powerful, and cutting-edge data platform on your side, as well as experienced consultants and developers, you can grow and scale your business faster than ever in the digital age.

Case Study: Fireworks Production

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Illumination Fireworks produces world-class fireworks displays and special effects for clients on a global scale. Professionalism, reliability, and drive to innovate provide Illumination’s clients with memorable entertainment and audiences that are left breathless. Illumination delivers experience in designing and coordinating fireworks, flames, lasers, confetti, fog, and smoke effects to make amazing events.


As Illumination Fireworks scales production capabilities, reliable access to all components of the production cycle is a requirement. A software platform with the up-to-date status of equipment, crew members, show schedules, and safety requirements is necessary to continue to provide the high-quality, reliable service that clients have come to expect on a growing scale.


At the core of the solution developed for Illumination Fireworks is the ability to combine the feature sets of traditional Customer Relationship Management (CRM) and Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) tools on a single platform. Utilizing custom user interfaces and development on the Salesforce platform, Illumination Fireworks now has a unified online resource where members of different teams instantly have access to information about upcoming bookings, permitting, licensing, and inventory status. The operations team and show crews can quickly understand what needs to be done immediately after sales successfully books a show, without having to transfer information between disparate systems.  Distinct features include tools like barcode generation, which allows equipment and inventory to be easily checked in and out of the system.  A staff scheduling feature provides the human resources department comprehensive information about licensing, compliance, and show history so that Illumination can ensure sending out teams with the appropriate skillset and experience to run different types of displays.


The custom systems Rosetree Solutions developed for Illumination Fireworks on the Salesforce platform have assisted Illumination in scaling their business and ensuring operational success.  Since implementing the solution, Illumination fireworks has avoided double bookings and continued to provide reliable service to their clients. The ERP feature set developed has helped Illumination track the reliability of products and supplies as well. This ensures the pyrotechnic and special effects equipment is well maintained and in-place for the next utilization. Rosetree’s deep development and customization for Illumination Fireworks showcases how the Salesforce Platform can be transformed to facilitate and support complex business processes that are non-traditional to CRM.

"Salesforce is the backbone to all operations... It ensures Illumination creates reliable and safe productions."
Illumination Fireworks logo
Drew Espenshade
Director of Sales, Illumination Fireworks
See how Rosetree Solutions can create a custom platform for your unique business.

Case Study: Retail Services

Products sitting on grocery store shelves

Anderson Merchandisers Use Forecasting and Quoting Tools to Accelerate Service Configuration

Anderson Merchandisers logo

75% Time Saved in Quoting Process | Real-Time Reporting on Revenue and Labor Forecasting Implemented


The Client

Anderson Merchandisers is a retail service provider who stocks, organizes, and completes other tasks within retailer stores for a variety of clients.  As a Walmart Preferred Service Provider, manufacturers and distributors around the world entrust Anderson Merchandisers with promoting their consumer goods on Walmart shelves and enhancing the customer retail experience.

The Challenge

With responsibility for stocking Walmart stores all over the country and thousands of employees to coordinate, Anderson Merchandisers was looking for a system that could help keep their business process organized and forecast their staffing needs as they scale.  The Salesforce CRM provided a cloud-based solution to organize their data, but Anderson needed a deeper level of customization to account for their unique, service-based opportunities that often involved multiple clients.

The Solution

Taking into account Anderson Merchandisers’ unique business processes, Rosetree Solutions designed a custom application tailored to the user experience within Salesforce.  The first step is an interface that allows for logging and customization of service opportunities. These opportunities require a multitude of variable inputs with several dependencies. With this easy-to-use guided process, users can consistently, efficiently, and accurately price services.

The forecasting section allows Anderson Merchandisers to automatically calculate the number of people and hours of labor required for the services scheduled, as well as expected revenue.  The company can now be better prepared for upcoming staffing needs and scheduling opportunities.

The final section is a quoting application for the services Anderson is providing.  Since many of these services include placing products from multiple clients, a service can be broken up by percentages and then sent out with an auto-generated contract via DocuSign integration. Once the opportunity is closed, the data is moved into a proprietary ERP system Anderson has for further resource scheduling.

The Results

Anderson Merchandisers’ business process was streamlined and organized through a custom application in Salesforce.  Additionally, a custom Salesforce dashboard offers high-level data visualizations to monitor the status of opportunities and forecast labor, providing insight into day to day activities and operations as a whole. Where much of this information was previously handled in spreadsheets or with manual calculation, now automation and a custom user interface make the services easy to organize, quote, and deliver in the store, all in less time and with less error.

"Rosetree was able to quickly understand our business processes and offered solutions that met our goals and exceeded expectation."
Anderson Merchandisers logo A lettermark
Chris Caraway
Director - Business Management

The Value of Custom Software

iMac computer on a modern desk

Unlike what you might see in a sci-fi novel, you probably won’t create an artificial intelligence (AI) program that automates every aspect of your business, at least, not any time soon. 

“Big picture” automation and software are destined to fail out of the box, primarily due to vague goals and an inherent misunderstanding of what these sorts of systems can accomplish.

Instead of digging for these life-changing “moonshots”, look towards what aspects of your business process already feel robotic.  Any sort of redundant task may serve to be the perfect place to look towards automation, especially if there are set steps in the task or involvement of large amounts of data.

In these areas, software and artificial intelligence solutions have a real capacity to improve business performance.  By removing the friction created by manual data sorting and organization, there is an opportunity for extreme performance increases in these day to day tasks.  Even if the process is not fully automated, a streamlined process pipeline can make human decisions much easier to make, while simultaneously reducing the propensity for error.

Custom solutions developed by Rosetree Solutions have sped up some of these time-intensive business processes up to 600%, across multiple industries.  By investigating the crux of where error or poor time utilization occurs in a particular problem, Rosetree has been able to craft uniquely tailored solutions that save massive amounts of time and effort.

Successful software solutions are not achieved by attempting to encompass the whole business with a single solution, but instead by focusing on expediting the efficiency of a specific set of tasks for a specific set of users.  This may just have a bigger effect on business performance than you think.

4 Tips to Get Value out of Salesforce as Fast as Possible

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So you’re interested in Salesforce, and need it making a difference in your company as fast as possible? We’ve picked up a few things over the years about how to get Salesforce implemented and working well across different industries.



If you are migrating data over from another platform, take the time to clean it up and organize it up front. This may be a time intensive process, but it ensures that data-tracking, visualizations, and automation will function properly in Salesforce.

Even if Salesforce is the beginning of a digital data journey for your company, putting steps in place to ensure data quality is key. Set up validation rules and required fields to ensure that all information is inputted properly the first time.

Good data speeds up Salesforce’s ability to provide valuable business insights and mitigates potential revenue loss.


While it may be tempting to immediately try to get the most out of the Salesforce platform by shooting for substantial changes, start your implementation by focusing on some smaller tasks. Salesforce is a powerful platform with a multitude of capabilities, and provides plenty of options to be customized to the intricacies of your business.

Small but frequent tasks provide opportune starting points for setting up Salesforce. As your team gets used to creating the platform, you will find yourself impressed with the ease and efficiency of the process. By simultaneously getting familiar with the interface and quickly adding value to your business processes, efficiency at larger tasks will come sooner.


The Salesforce platform’s cloud capabilities are one of its biggest advantages. With all data stored online and tightly secured, your CRM experience will become more mobile than ever before, with your data easily accessible through any web browser or through the Salesforce app on mobile devices.

Once your data is transferred over, take advantage of this right away. Where requesting a report ran by a coworker might have been required in the past to figure something out, chances are that data is now at your fingertips. Make the most of it.


While you should start with the small stuff, like we mentioned two points above, be sure to take note of aspects of your business Salesforce could help with. Every business across every industry has unique needs, and the Salesforce platform is well equipped for customization.

Whether it means looking for Salesforce consulting or development of a custom application in the platform, look for ways that Salesforce can keep making your business more efficient in its singular positioning. Building out a plan of phases and goals should help keep you on track with getting the most out your investment.

Rosetree Solutions’ team of architects and consultants has the deep business experience and platform knowledge to help you get value out of Salesforce as fast as possible