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Trustee Voter Process and Operations Manager Dashboard

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The highest priority initiative was a custom user interface for the trustee team to be able to vote on current grants, with the voting page to have the ease of use and aesthetics most commonly found on public-facing web sites. 

They also wanted to provide their Operations Manager with a custom dashboard to manage the full grant process.

Finally, they wanted to give their Trustees a way to respond to questions via email and have those responses be entered into Salesforce automatically.


Two custom Skuid pages were built to handle the Trustee voting and Operations Manager’s dashboard.

An Apex Email Services was created to capture emails from the trustees as they responded to questions about a given grant.


The new Skuid pages were aesthetically pleasing as well as intuitive and efficient to use. The voting page allowed a trustee to view all open grants as well as vote and comment on said grant.

The Operations Manager Dashboard allowed the user to accomplish all of their most common tasks directly on one page and evaluate current and past grants at a glance. Multiple table components were also provided to give them a way to work with the records en masse.

With the Apex Email Service, comments from the emails were entered as records in Salesforce related to the grants they were directed to.