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Case Study

Case Management for a popular high-growth regional burger chain.

Growing steadily for decades, this fast food chain has over 350 locations and a loyal following of customers.


Service Cloud


Customer experience


Lengthy data entry period without Case entry flexibility.

Data model complexity prevented future enhancements and scalability.

Inability to view and share timely data insights across the organization.

Lack of formal environment management.


Functional enhancements to 10+ Lightning Web Components. 

Person Accounts implementation and subsequent data migration.

Developed custom solution to email Dashboards to non-Salesforce Users. Comprehensive training on Key Reports and Dashboards.

Spearheaded Sandbox Migration Strategy.


Quicker call cycle time including smoother customer interaction and improved data quality.

Shorter development time for new enhancements, increased growth potential over a shorter period, and reduced data overhead.

Reduced complexity around distribution of critical data insights, minimized license cost. Enabled 360° view to for executive-level reporting.

Formal, repeatable and comprehensive development and updating process.