Unlike what you might see in a sci-fi novel, you probably won’t create an artificial intelligence (AI) program that automates every aspect of your business, at least, not any time soon. 

“Big picture” automation and software are destined to fail out of the box, primarily due to vague goals and an inherent misunderstanding of what these sorts of systems can accomplish.

Instead of digging for these life-changing “moonshots”, look towards what aspects of your business process already feel robotic.  Any sort of redundant task may serve to be the perfect place to look towards automation, especially if there are set steps in the task or involvement of large amounts of data.

In these areas, software and artificial intelligence solutions have a real capacity to improve business performance.  By removing the friction created by manual data sorting and organization, there is an opportunity for extreme performance increases in these day to day tasks.  Even if the process is not fully automated, a streamlined process pipeline can make human decisions much easier to make, while simultaneously reducing the propensity for error.

Custom solutions developed by Rosetree Solutions have sped up some of these time-intensive business processes up to 600%, across multiple industries.  By investigating the crux of where error or poor time utilization occurs in a particular problem, Rosetree has been able to craft uniquely tailored solutions that save massive amounts of time and effort.

Successful software solutions are not achieved by attempting to encompass the whole business with a single solution, but instead by focusing on expediting the efficiency of a specific set of tasks for a specific set of users.  This may just have a bigger effect on business performance than you think.

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