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Rosetree’s implementation and consulting services for Salesforce provide an excellent opportunity for technology and communications companies to better manage their services, products, and clients.  In an age where digital media is thriving and the technology sector is constantly evolving, Rosetree has the expertise to help get your company organized and resources effectively utilized through the seamless data solutions of the Salesforce Platform.

We’ll help you work with the Salesforce Clouds right for your business:

Sales Cloud

Service Cloud

Salesforce Pardot

Technology & Communications Use Cases

Data Integration

Data Integration

Is a proprietary software system the cornerstone of your business process? The Enterprise and Unlimited editions of Salesforce contain powerful customizable tools for migrating or linking data from other systems.  With our expertise and deep knowledge of the platform and experience with a variety of app partners, our team can help your company create a unified platform for business and ensure that data is always accurate and up-to-date at every junction in your organization.

Lead Qualification

Lead Qualification

When your product is complex and expensive, you want to make sure your sales team are investing their efforts into finding potential clients who are interested in and are qualified to use your product.  Salesforce Pardot provides a powerful scoring and grading system for new prospects.  Collect detailed information about organizations and positions, send out automated and personalized email campaigns, and monitor interaction with your website and content.  When the data points to the customer being a good fit for your business, automatically assign the prospect to a salesperson’s Salesforce account for further outreach and closing the deal.

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