Having bad data is a bad problem.

In modern business discussions, the value of data-driven business decisions and marketing is oft repeated.  Rightfully so, as the trends and other analytics that can be derived from data pools provide immense value in being able to forecast outcomes and retool strategy.

These benefits, however, require an extremely consistent quality of data inputted.  Inputting data sloppily, incomplete, or with bias prevents the algorithms that learn from it and the programs that utilize from doing their job properly.  Inconsistencies and errors can lead to incorrect trend forecasting and data that adopts the same biases as you, inhibiting a clear picture from forming.

So how can this be solved?

While maybe the immediate answer is better review of one’s own work, there are data based solutions that can prevent bad data from happening, like the tools available within the Salesforce platform.  When thinking about the optimal user experience for data entry, proper customization can allow administrators to only show data fields that the users need, as well as make fields required to create that new record.  Data validation rules can ensure data is inputted in the proper format, and dashboards can provide instant updates without the need to look back at previous reports with outdated information.

Custom page layouts and user experience applications developed for the Salesforce platform can provide up to a 75% increase in data integrity.  Leveraging both the cloud functions of Salesforce and the customizability Skuid offers as a UI/UX layer, Rosetree Solutions can craft a system that helps make sure your data is always up to date, inputted properly, and presented with visualizations that make sense for your business and your users.

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