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Partner Community with Lead Handoffs, Order and Shipment records, and POS File exchange

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Soft Robotics designs and builds soft robotic gripping systems and automation solutions that can grasp and manipulate items of varying size, shape and weight with the same tool.

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Soft Robotics is a rapidly growing organization and has recently increased their partner channels from 2 to 14+. This growth has brought challenges in managing their partner’s needs and ability to effectively sell Soft Robotics products, and a Partner Community was seen as a way to streamline communication between the Partners and Soft Robotics.


Salesforce’s Community Cloud will be used to build a branded Partner experience. The secure hub will provide a place for Soft Robotics staff to engage with Partners with Lead handoffs, allow Partners to view their Sales Orders with status or tracking information, and provide a place for Partner’s to upload their monthly Point of Sales data files. The Salesforce Partner Central template along with community sharing and visibility, brand theming and configured page layouts provide the functionality that Soft Robotics and their Partners will need.


Rosetree Solutions created a branded Partner Community that met all of Soft Robotic’s content and branding needs. The community is configured with navigational tabs and a global search area to allow Partners to easily find information. Private Chatter groups provide a secure place to exchange files and collaborate with the Soft Robotic’s team, and the Lead Inbox surfaces actionable sales leads for the Partners to follow up with. The community is configured to be scalable for additional functionality as Soft Robotics grows their Partner network and identifies additional areas to leverage value in their Salesforce environment.