Case Study: Rock Ridge

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Custom User Experience (UX) for Sales Team

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Rock Ridge Royalty Company LLC is a private equity-backed company that is actively acquiring minerals, royalties, and overriding royalty interests in the Permian Basin.

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Rock Ridge Royalty had a few objectives and challenges for this project. The main focus was a custom user experience for their Sales team to make them more productive calling mineral rights owners. Rock Ridge Royalty purchased Skuid, an App on the AppExchange, that will allow one to create a custom UI/UX experience within Salesforce using mostly clicks not code.

Rock Ridge wanted to give their sales team an efficient and aesthetically pleasing page to complete their day to day work of identifying and connecting with mineral owners on the potential sale of their mineral rights. Rock Ridge has several related custom objects including but not limited to Owning Entities, Tracts, Interests and Wells. Rock Ridge Royalty wanted their team to be able to view and interact with all of these objects at the same time while on the phone with a potential lead. The page should also serve up visual indicators and charts to allow the team to easily track their progress and motivate them throughout the day.


Rosetree Solutions met with the Rock Ridge executive team and gathered the requirements and vision for the custom Sales console. Rosetree solutioned, designed, and built a Skuid page in Salesforce that met all of the requests identified. The Sales team was provided with a custom console that was designed for their exact needs and processes.

The Sales team was easily able to identify the mineral owners that they should call next. Once they had a mineral owner on the phone they were able to see and interact with that mineral owner’s interests and tracts of land along with the wells that might be present on those tracts. This gave the Sales team a complete picture of the mineral owners’ rights so that they understood how to best position the purchase of said interest. If the individual needed to update any of the information for an owning entity they were able to do so in a very efficient manner with mass editing functionality.


The Sales team was able to complete their jobs using the new console page in a much more efficient way resulting in additional calls made per day. The new console was intuitive and efficient to use putting everything the team needed when they were talking with a mineral owner on the screen at the same time for them to reference and interact with.

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