Case Study: Permico Royalties Corporation

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Permico Royalties acquires mineral rights, primarily in the Permian Basin, from property owners looking for options to raise cash for other investments or estate planning purposes. 

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Managers and executives had minimal visibility into processing of large prospect lists to identify individuals open to selling mineral rights. In particular, Permico worked with property owner data from a variety of sources and had a difficult time matching property owners or groups between different sources. 


The solution for Permico Royalties was to set up a temporary “object” to store imported data for processing before passing along into traditional Salesforce objects in the sales process (Leads, Contacts, Accounts, etc.).

Administrators could import data in one session, then efficiently work through normalization and format issues from within Salesforce without affecting sales teams with unprocessed records. 


The result for Permico Royalties provided a standardized methodology for processing new property owner lists. Replicable business processes allowed for faster rep onboarding as well. 

Post import, Salesforce reporting capabilities allowed managers and executives to evaluate the potential of various geographic regions, and monitor sales rep productivity. 

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