Facilitating sales, staffing, and operation management with custom ERP features

Illumination Fireworks produces world-class fireworks displays and special effects for clients on a global scale. Professionalism, reliability, and drive to innovate provide Illumination’s clients with memorable entertainment and audiences that are left breathless. Illumination delivers experience in designing and coordinating fireworks, flames, lasers, confetti, fog, and smoke effects to make amazing events.

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As Illumination Fireworks scaled production capabilities, they required reliable access to all components of the production cycle. A software platform with up-to-date status of equipment, crew members, show schedules, and safety requirements was necessary to continue to provide the high-quality, reliable service that clients had come to expect on a growing scale.


At the core of the solution developed for Illumination Fireworks is the ability to combine the feature sets of traditional Customer Relationship Management (CRM) and Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) tools on a single platform. Utilizing custom user interfaces and development on the Salesforce platform, Illumination Fireworks now has a unified online resource where members of different teams instantly have access to information about upcoming bookings, permitting, licensing, and inventory status.

The operations team and show crews can quickly understand what needs to be done immediately after sales successfully books a show, without having to transfer information between disparate systems. Distinct features include tools like barcode generation, which allows equipment and inventory to be easily checked in and out of the system.

A staff scheduling feature provides the human resources department comprehensive information about licensing, compliance, and show history so that Illumination can ensure sending out teams with the appropriate skill set and experience to run different types of displays.


The custom systems Rosetree Solutions developed for Illumination Fireworks on the Salesforce platform have assisted Illumination in scaling their business and ensuring operational success.

Since implementing the solution, Illumination fireworks has avoided double bookings and continued to provide reliable service to their clients. The ERP feature set developed has helped Illumination track the reliability of products and supplies as well. This ensures the pyrotechnic and special effects equipment is well maintained and in-place for the next utilization.

Rosetree’s deep development and customization for Illumination Fireworks showcases how the Salesforce Platform can be transformed to facilitate and support complex business processes that are non-traditional to CRM.