Quick large-scale implementation of Pardot functionality & lead organization in Salesforce

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The Dallas Mavericks are a basketball franchise in the National Basketball Association, based in Dallas, TX.

The Mavericks utilize Salesforce to organize and managed ticket sales for Dallas Mavericks basketball games at the American Airlines center. Salesforce is an important tool for tracking attendance and qualifying candidates for larger ticket sales and season ticket options.

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The Dallas Mavericks owned Pardot but were not fully utilizing its email marketing feature set. The organization was concerned about losing out on potential sales that could be generated through advanced marketing functionality. They were looking to quickly boost utilization – and in turn revenue – mid-season.

  • Pardot Web-forms to collect information around customer inquiries
  • Post-game Customer Satisfaction surveys sent to game attendees
  • Multiple engagement programs to follow up on customer ticket interest
  • Restructured lead assignment rules
  • Proposed long-term strategies for maximizing value from the Salesforce platform post-season
  • Trained internal admins, marketing, and sales team to utilize new functionality with Salesforce platform tools.

Rosetree Solutions was able to quickly implement expanded Pardot functionality, providing the Dallas Mavericks with immediate insight into customer sentiment around the game experience and facilities. Organization of lead assignment protocol, coupled with the Pardot forms and engagement programs, also helped the Mavericks sales representatives confidently organize and grow their sales pipeline for the rest of the 2018-2019 NBA season.