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Crosspoint Communications is a full-service wireless integrator covering a large geographic area in the Western United States. Crosspoint focuses on offering the most reliable products available for their customers, from the latest in mission-critical wireless communications to highest-quality commercial communications solutions.

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Crosspoint Communications wanted to move their in-house team from Frontline over to Salesforce and ensure all of its service business processes could be handled by Salesforce. Their ultimate goal was to improve their existing processes when possible, taking advantage of Salesforce’s automation functionality.


Rosetree Solutions implemented Cases and Assets to support the in-house team’s processes. Existing fields and processes in Frontline were evaluated to ensureĀ  recreated what was needed in Salesforce. Custom objects were used to allow Crosspoint to associate in-house and field service repair lines to work orders and cases. Automations were created to set the case stage and various order progress values. Custom buttons assist in creating related records by pre-populating fields when possible.

A custom VisualForce print-to-PDF solution was added to the Case so service tickets could be printed with the required formatting set. One click of a button generates a document which includes all of the information needed to kick off their repair process, including a barcode to scan the equipment in.


Crosspoint’s in-house team was able to successfully migrate over to Salesforce as their sole tool for managing repairs. With Salesforce, Crosspoint not only met the requirements of their in-house team, but also improved their processes with automation and streamlined workflows.