Case Study: Bookkeeper 360

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Building a Service Manager app in Skuid

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Bookkeeper360 is a Quickbooks and Xero bookkeeping, accounting, and advisory solution for small to medium-sized businesses.

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Bookkeeper360 was having difficulties with:

  • Capturing billable time without having to open multiple records throughout the day.
  • Staying on top of the accounting services being done on a regular basis for each of their clients.
  • Managing a large number of recurring service deliverables.

We built a single-page app called “Service Manager” using Skuid. This app manages the recurring nature of these tasks. With the help of some formula fields and a process builder, it automatically sets the “Next Work on Date” once a recurring task was completed for its weekly or monthly frequency.

We additionally added manual sharing to the Account record so that multiple members can work on and record timesheets against the associated services.


Bookkeeper360 users now are able to focus on the services they are assigned to in the order of “Next Work on Date” and enter timesheet entries against them in one page.

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