Case Study: Ametrine

Two modern soldiers holding firearms wearing tactical gear surrounded by smoke from nearby cannisters

Sales Cloud Implementation/Improvements for a high tech manufacturer

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Ametrine Technologies Ltd. develops and manufactures thermal camouflage technology that makes soldiers invisible to heat-sensing cameras.

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When Rosetree Solutions engaged with Ametrine, they were already using Salesforce but not maximizing their value from the system. Accounts and Opportunities were being tracked in Salesforce, but Quoting was being done through a manual process outside of Salesforce. Ametrine users also did not feel they were getting value out of their Inbox for Outlook integration.


Implemented Salesforce Quotes and provided training on the Quoting process. Provided strategic advisory on best practices around Opportunity Management Lifecycle, and provided end-user training on the different functionality and features available in Inbox for Outlook.


Ametrine began using Salesforce Quotes to streamline and speed up their quoting process, gained a better understanding on how to manage the Opportunity Lifecycle, and gained a better understanding of the features and functionality around Inbox for Outlook. After training, Salesforce Admin felt empowered to perform basic configuration on Quote Templates and was able to begin issuing Quotes using Salesforce immediately.

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