It’s not an uncommon problem: your team’s new tools and better analytics are collecting dust in favor of outdated methods – but preference for the tried and true is understandable.  Learning new systems and how to best utilize them requires an additional level of work, easily pushed to the back-burner in favor of more pressing tasks such as calling leads and closing sales.

However, as you know, adoption of Salesforce or related technologies is supposed to increase these metrics in the long term. Game-design elements provide an effective technique to quickly access these improvements and provide motivation for your team, commonly referred to as gamification.

Board games, card games, video games, etc. often require repetitive processes and learning new rule sets, yet people love to learn and play them for extended periods of time. The general idea is to apply similar elements and processes to implementing Salesforce, in turn making adoption an engaging experience.

The two central elements in this process are quantified rewards and making the given process fun. Gamified reward structures go back years to concepts such as sales competitions with monetary rewards, but additional aspects can be included in an age of digital transformation.  With access to thorough metrics in Salesforce, digital and physical rewards and competitions can be tied to a large variety of performance indicators, facilitating a balance of performance and productivity.

Establishing rewards alone, however, may not bring the desired results.  The other element of gamification requires making the learning process an engaging process and bringing out the element of fun in gameplay. Salesforce’s Trailhead learning modules are a great example of this: Through a well-designed intuitive user-interface, learners are guided through their journey with interactive elements, quizzes, and a point/leveling system.

Rosetree Solutions can help you with the technical aspects of your Salesforce Implementation, as well as the technical aspects of gamifying it. With our experience custom-tailoring and developing custom applications for the Salesforce platform, we can craft a solution not only for your business process but one to help your team deploy the powerful technologies at their fingertips and start earning ROI.

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