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The Franchisee Journey

Rosetree Drive-Thru is is a regional QSR chain looking for high-quality franchisee applicants in their most strategic markets.

Locations: 300+

Meet Sarah

Sarah is looking to start her first franchise. We’ll follow her from acquisition through preparing to launch a second location.

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Franchisee Acquisition​

Sarah has shown interest in Rosetree Drive-Thru at a franchise trade show. She’s been added to a dynamic marketing campaign that guides her through the recruiting process.

Consistent messaging and coordinated communications across channels build Sarah’s confidence in building a partnership with Rosetree Drive-Thru.



When she’s ready, Sarah fills out the online application form. A lot of information is needed, so Sarah is able to save her progress and come back when she’s ready to proceed.

Once the application is submitted, automation creates Sarah’s franchisee profile immediately so the business development team can take the proper actions right away. 



Sarah is a high-scoring applicant and is automatically prioritized. An automation-enabled process brings the right resources together to get her franchise up and running fast.

All the teams supporting Sarah’s new business work together in the same platform, giving everyone full visibility into the project and ensuring dependencies don’t become blockers.



With a successful launch, Sarah’s new franchise is off to a great start. Her corporate team at Rosetree Drive-Thru support her with data-driven insights and improved visibility into her business.

David is the Regional Operations Manager in Sarah’s area. Using his mobile app on his phone, his on-site visits allow him to track any historical and emergent issues, update cases, and share this data without any paperwork. Nothing slips through the cracks and Sarah stays focused on the important things.


Customer Service

Sarah could use some customer support help when her location is busy. No problem – corporate support agents are able to manage complaints and issues across channels.

Agents work with relevant customer and location data to resolve issues quickly and seamlessly.



The business development team has identified that Sarah may be ready to expand her business. There are a few options available.

Data from across the business helps identify where to go next.


Davis, CA


West Sacramento, CA

Supported by technology solutions and a team committed to success, Sarah’s franchise venture is proving to be a big win for everyone.

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