Do you understand your customers? How much do you know about their behaviors, motivations, and preferences?

As Customer Experience (CX) continues to grow as a focus area for modern business, it has become more crucial than ever for us to understand our customers deeply. The way to gain insights into our customers is to create a 360° view of them – and that takes data.

While the data needs of each business varies, one point is clear: all digital consumer interactions with your business are data points that should be recorded. All sales, login attempts, support chats, et cetera can be easily logged within modern CRM systems, like Salesforce, when implemented properly.

Data collection processes need to be properly set up so your business can engage with data and, in turn, the customers it represents. All customer-facing teams should be enabled to capture, analyze, and respond to the data they collect. Proper Salesforce implementation and diligence in data collection are the tools that power this process. With trusted data, your team can build insights through dashboards and complete historical records of customer interactions.


The way to gain insights into our customers is to create a 360° view of them – and that takes data.


When there is communication between a customer and a rep, the rep should have immediate and comprehensive insight into what the customer is looking to achieve, as well as historical context to rationalize varied decisions and solutions. Surfacing this data means providing better, faster, and more accurate customer service.

Additionally, 360° data about your customer helps you customize marketing outreach with data-driven segmentation and personalization. For example, a tool like Marketing Cloud could send personalized emails and SMS – including product suggestions tailored to the customer’s search and shopping history.

If you need to ensure you have a system in place to organize and collect the data you need for a 360° view of your customers, contact Rosetree Solutions. We specialize in Salesforce implementations and custom development to enable unique business processes. e can help you create exactly the customer overview and dashboards your sales and customer service representatives need using Salesforce services like Sales Cloud, Service Cloud, and Marketing Cloud.

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