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Choosing the right edition of Salesforce is one of the first (of many) choices new Salesforce evaluators typically make.  At $75 per user a month, Sales Cloud Professional is adequately advertised as a complete Customer Relationship Management system for any sized team. The lower price point, Essentials at $25 per user a month, is limited to 5 users, so the step up to Professional is an easy decision for any business with a larger team. However, why double that investment to $150 per user for Enterprise?

That answer lies in deep customization and integration options that can take the value of Salesforce to the next level for your company. For hosting all of your information and using the default features, Professional is a great bet. On its own, Salesforce provides a great platform for better managing leads within your sales pipeline. However, depending on what your business requires, there may be other systems you rely on for important tasks.

A primarily benefit of Enterprise is the ability to integrate Salesforce with outside data sources.  Web Services APIs, like the REST API and SOAP API, which respectively provide access of outside objects and integration of data, allow you to bring that other data right into Salesforce, allowing development of a dashboard that is uniquely relevant. Along with the ability to integrate more data, however, is the ability to better visualize and utilize the data you have in Salesforce.

An Enterprise license for Salesforce opens the doors to customizing the functions of Salesforce to be exactly like the functions of your business. Features like Process Builder and Workflow and Approval Automation allow you to build sets of steps and responses that make sense for your company. Automation can make these processes automatic, improving business efficiency to the point where your Sales and Service people have more time and data resources to make an impact where it matters most.

Getting the most out of the Enterprise license requires time and effort, but utilized properly, its features can provide a significant return on investment. Successfully implementing Salesforce requires a step by step process of learning the platform and then adjusting the set-up to meet goals set for your business.

Rosetree Solutions can help in this process with tailored implementation, consulting, and development solutions for Salesforce customers. We are experienced in expediting the Salesforce implementation process, as well as developing custom applications within Salesforce to meet unique business needs.

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