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So you’re interested in Salesforce, and need it making a difference in your company as fast as possible? We’ve picked up a few things over the years about how to get Salesforce implemented and working well across different industries.



If you are migrating data over from another platform, take the time to clean it up and organize it up front. This may be a time intensive process, but it ensures that data-tracking, visualizations, and automation will function properly in Salesforce.

Even if Salesforce is the beginning of a digital data journey for your company, putting steps in place to ensure data quality is key. Set up validation rules and required fields to ensure that all information is inputted properly the first time.

Good data speeds up Salesforce’s ability to provide valuable business insights and mitigates potential revenue loss.


While it may be tempting to immediately try to get the most out of the Salesforce platform by shooting for substantial changes, start your implementation by focusing on some smaller tasks. Salesforce is a powerful platform with a multitude of capabilities, and provides plenty of options to be customized to the intricacies of your business.

Small but frequent tasks provide opportune starting points for setting up Salesforce. As your team gets used to creating the platform, you will find yourself impressed with the ease and efficiency of the process. By simultaneously getting familiar with the interface and quickly adding value to your business processes, efficiency at larger tasks will come sooner.


The Salesforce platform’s cloud capabilities are one of its biggest advantages. With all data stored online and tightly secured, your CRM experience will become more mobile than ever before, with your data easily accessible through any web browser or through the Salesforce app on mobile devices.

Once your data is transferred over, take advantage of this right away. Where requesting a report ran by a coworker might have been required in the past to figure something out, chances are that data is now at your fingertips. Make the most of it.


While you should start with the small stuff, like we mentioned two points above, be sure to take note of aspects of your business Salesforce could help with. Every business across every industry has unique needs, and the Salesforce platform is well equipped for customization.

Whether it means looking for Salesforce consulting or development of a custom application in the platform, look for ways that Salesforce can keep making your business more efficient in its singular positioning. Building out a plan of phases and goals should help keep you on track with getting the most out your investment.

Rosetree Solutions’ team of architects and consultants has the deep business experience and platform knowledge to help you get value out of Salesforce as fast as possible

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