Why Enterprise Edition?

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Choosing the right edition of Salesforce is one of the first (of many) choices new Salesforce evaluators typically make.  At $75 per user a month, Sales Cloud Professional is adequately advertised as a complete Customer Relationship Management system for any sized team. The lower price point, Essentials at $25 per user a month, is limited to 5 users, so the step up to Professional is an easy decision for any business with a larger team. However, why double that investment to $150 per user for Enterprise?

That answer lies in deep customization and integration options that can take the value of Salesforce to the next level for your company. For hosting all of your information and using the default features, Professional is a great bet. On its own, Salesforce provides a great platform for better managing leads within your sales pipeline. However, depending on what your business requires, there may be other systems you rely on for important tasks.

A primarily benefit of Enterprise is the ability to integrate Salesforce with outside data sources.  Web Services APIs, like the REST API and SOAP API, which respectively provide access of outside objects and integration of data, allow you to bring that other data right into Salesforce, allowing development of a dashboard that is uniquely relevant. Along with the ability to integrate more data, however, is the ability to better visualize and utilize the data you have in Salesforce.

An Enterprise license for Salesforce opens the doors to customizing the functions of Salesforce to be exactly like the functions of your business. Features like Process Builder and Workflow and Approval Automation allow you to build sets of steps and responses that make sense for your company. Automation can make these processes automatic, improving business efficiency to the point where your Sales and Service people have more time and data resources to make an impact where it matters most.

Getting the most out of the Enterprise license requires time and effort, but utilized properly, its features can provide a significant return on investment. Successfully implementing Salesforce requires a step by step process of learning the platform and then adjusting the set-up to meet goals set for your business.

Rosetree Solutions can help in this process with tailored implementation, consulting, and development solutions for Salesforce customers. We are experienced in expediting the Salesforce implementation process, as well as developing custom applications within Salesforce to meet unique business needs.

Preventing Bad Data

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Having bad data is a bad problem.

In modern business discussions, the value of data-driven business decisions and marketing is oft repeated.  Rightfully so, as the trends and other analytics that can be derived from data pools provide immense value in being able to forecast outcomes and retool strategy.

These benefits, however, require an extremely consistent quality of data inputted.  Inputting data sloppily, incomplete, or with bias prevents the algorithms that learn from it and the programs that utilize from doing their job properly.  Inconsistencies and errors can lead to incorrect trend forecasting and data that adopts the same biases as you, inhibiting a clear picture from forming.

So how can this be solved?

While maybe the immediate answer is better review of one’s own work, there are data based solutions that can prevent bad data from happening, like the tools available within the Salesforce platform.  When thinking about the optimal user experience for data entry, proper customization can allow administrators to only show data fields that the users need, as well as make fields required to create that new record.  Data validation rules can ensure data is inputted in the proper format, and dashboards can provide instant updates without the need to look back at previous reports with outdated information.

Custom page layouts and user experience applications developed for the Salesforce platform can provide up to a 75% increase in data integrity.  Leveraging both the cloud functions of Salesforce and the customizability Skuid offers as a UI/UX layer, Rosetree Solutions can craft a system that helps make sure your data is always up to date, inputted properly, and presented with visualizations that make sense for your business and your users.

Case Study: Hospitality Staffing

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Rosetree Solutions Develops Custom Human Capital Solution for Hospitality Management Firm

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600% Process Efficiency Increase | 75% Executive Efficiency Increase | 70% Data Integrity Increase

The Client

PHM Management is a hospitality and consulting firm in Dallas, Texas that provides customized solutions for management companies and independent hotel owners. PHM places experienced consultants in hotels and other hospitality businesses to boost operational efficiency and develop new business.

The Challenge

An integral part of PHM’s workflow involves matching consultants to opportunities proposed by clients. Before developing a solution with Rosetree, PHM Management stored their opportunity and solutions information in disparate databases, resulting in a time intensive process of cross-checking qualifications before placing a consultant in an opportunity.

The Solution

Rosetree Solutions built a pipeline on the Salesforce platform for entering applicant details and qualifications for the consulting roles at PHM so that this data could be sorted, filtered, and searched. Rosetree also built a custom matching application to speed up the business process. With both the solution and opportunity data linked in Salesforce, the application finds qualified consultants for any given opportunity data point, allowing for a shortened executive decision period that does not require manually searching through data.

The Results

Rosetree’s solution facilitated operational efficiency at PHM Management. The consultant and opportunity matching process was a frequent 30-minute engagement for the Chief Operating Officer. The integrated application that Rosetree built with the Skuid platform reduced the essential process to 5 minutes, as well as providing reports for matched candidates, efficiently supporting both the current business process and future growth.

"With Rosetree Solutions, they came in and they listened intently. With their experience and the vision that I had, what I wanted to create, it was a perfect match."
Katie Schorn
President and COO, PHM Management

Case Study: Global Transportation Vendor Management

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Rosetree Solutions Develops Custom Vendor Management Application for Global Transportation Company

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160% Process Efficiency Increase | 50% Cost and Implementation Time Compared to Other Solutions

The Client

Volga-Dnepr is a global transportation company and market leader in unique and oversized cargo shipments, delivering complimentary logistics services to their clients. Some of the world’s largest cargo is flown by Volga-Dnepr to all seven continents.

The Challenge

Volga-Dnepr solicits quotes from third party vendors for transportation service needs.  With offices around the globe, Volga-Dnepr used multiple disparate systems without unified consistency. The company needed to increase the quality and visibility of their vendor management within the Salesforce environment in order to achieve departmental growth. The ultimate vision for the engineering and logistics department was a centralized platform to view vendor performance, history, and capabilities, so that they could efficiently perform their duties and keep up with a growing vendor network.

The Solution

Rosetree quickly built a proof of concept to demonstrate a potential solution to Volga-Dnepr. Leveraging the cloud-based capabilities of Salesforce and user interface development toolkit Skuid, this proof of concept quickly became the foundation for a new vendor management system. Volga-Dnepr and Rosetree’s collaboration led to a streamlined process where agents from Volga-Dnepr offices around the world can solicit quotes from any number of vendors simultaneously for multiple services, with instant access to information about the vendor’s past performance world-wide.

The Results

With a seamless application built natively on the Salesforce platform, Volga-Dnepr experienced a boost in the operational efficiency of their business process. Rosetree’s work also facilitates future business growth and capability to coordinate vendor management across regional offices at an increased volume.

"Rosetree as a solution provider allowed us to fully take on the advantages of the Skuid platform"
Giorgi Gelovani
Marketing and Systems Project Implementation Manager at Volga-Dnepr Airlines