Looking to have a successful Salesforce platform launch? These Salesforce implementation tips are sure to get you and your team up to speed.


Structure is not optional for a Salesforce implementation. While Salesforce’s tools, visualizations, and automations do a lot on their own, a team of people who know how to properly tweak and control its features are the only ones who can properly guide the program.

Your company’s IT department or dedicated Salesforce administrator can control permission sets for different employees, ensuring no one can cause problems in non-relevant aspects of the instance. With proper administration, Salesforce can be a boon at every level of the organization, allowing every employee access to exactly the resources they need.


Encouraging adoption of Salesforce can be difficult, especially when your team has more pressing tasks than learning a new system. Gamification, the design strategy of making a process like a game with engaging experiences, competition, and rewards, provides an excellent motivator and prevents implementation from becoming a slog.

Send your team over to Trailhead, Salesforce’s learning platform, or read our article on implementing game design elements to learn more.


Businesses change and develop over time, so should the tools at your disposal. While we definitely do recommend taking a phased approach instead of shooting for the moon right off the bat, the Salesforce platform can continuously be tweaked and developed to compensate for the organizational growth it facilitates.

Stay curious and always think about features or optimizations that can help your business and whether it might be worth implementing them at the current point in your growth. Feel free to reach out to us about managed services offerings for details on creating an ongoing partnership with Salesforce experts for successful administration and expansion.

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